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Simply put, if you buy a book I recommend, a very small percent contributes to the running costs of the blog. In Zen: The Art of Simple LivingShunmyo Masuno draws on centuries of wisdom to apply the essence of Zen to modern life in clear, practical, easily adopted lessons —one a day for days. With really only minor effort, it is possible to savour the extraordinary. Reading while listening to the sounds of birds and the rush of water. Communing with wildlife. The ability to live with a free mind, accepting things for what they are.

A place in nature where you can regain mental freedom. A few moments of seclusion can illuminate the path forward. The first lesson in the book: make time for emptiness. Lesson 2: wake up fifteen minutes earlier. Especially when things are hectictry waking up fifteen minutes earlier than usual. Lengthen your spine, and take slow breaths from the point below your navel — the spot we refer to as the tanden.

Once your breathing is in order, your mind will naturally settle into stillness as well. Then, while you enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, look out the window at the sky. Try to listen for the warbling of little birds. When eating, pause after every bite lesson When you hone your mind, your renewed vitality naturally shows in the body as well.

If the world is not going the way you want it to, perhaps it is better to change yourself.

DCC Concepts DCD-ZN6D Zen 6 Pin Direct 2 Function DCC Decoder with Stay Alive

Then, whatever world you encounter, you can move through it comfortably and with ease. Zen: The Art of Simple Living is a reminder that life can be simpler. Every so often, experience the flip side of convenience.

With time, effort, and a gentle and conscious approach to each day, we can slow down and take better care of ourselves as we move through life.ZNSSA Stay Alive is the natural partner for your Zen Decoders, however they are also ideal for adding to high quality sound decoders which allow stay alive installation — such as ESU, Zimo and others Condition: Factory New C-9 All original; unused; factory rubs and evidence of handling, shipping and factory test run.

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zen stay alive

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Video: Demonstrating and Fitting the DCCconcepts Super High-Power Stay Alive

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I have purchased two Zen DCC decoder chips to replace a couple of decoders that I have managed to blow. The Zen decoders come with separate "stay alive" chips. The locos where I am fitting the new Zen decoders do not need "stay alive" but I have a couple of Hornby locos which have prefitted, presumably 4-wire, Hornby decoders, which could well benefit from this.

Just a point of terminology correction. There is no reason why they cannot be fitted to other decoders to provide stay alive capabilities. This connection point is NOT extended out on a separate wire except on decoders that are factory designed for 'Stay Alives', such as your ZEN decoders.

Thus the negative side of the decoder bridge rectifier will need to be identified and a wire soldered to it very fine soldering skills and good eyesight will be required. This previous post, shows where the negative connection point is on a Hornby R decoder. Fifth reply down on the page. Thank you so much for the detailed reply. Very helpful. My soldering skills are not up to that but I have a friend who is pretty good. If he does not feel confident enough to do it, I'll swap out the decoder for a Zen one.

I have already purchased some DCC 8-pin sockets to accomodate these decoders I bought the ones with integral plug and I know his soldering is easily up to installing those for me.

Zen: The Art of Simple Living as a beautifully illustrated book for self-care

In my experience the Zen stay-alive have so little power capacity that they will only power a loco for a few tens of milli-seconds. Just enough to stop brownouts over a speck of dirt, but not enough if the loco is stalling on insu-frog points.

Thanks for that Nick. I had a feeling that might be the case, when I read on the ZEN user guide that they were 'Ceramic Capacitors' and why in my original reply I used the phrase "uf value unknown".

Ceramic Capacitors by their very nature of manufacture have limited capacitance capacity. Mine was completely useless for the purpose for which I purhased it and is currently back in it's original packaging - unused.

Elite v1. RailMaster Pro running on a Windows 10 Laptop. Handheld RM running on Android Phone. I have also had the same experience with Zen Decoders with Stay Alive. I replaced the Zen stay alive with one I made from infromation given in a previous post on the subject of stay alives, using a uF capacitor.

This was largest dimensioned one that could be accomadated in the cab of the loco. This more or less improved the slow running over of this loco over the offending points. Please create an account or login to reply. Forgot your Password? By proceeding to post you agree to these guidelines. Refusal to adhere to these guidelines will result in appropriate responsive actions.

This guide is designed to strike a balance between the main goal of our forums providing support for newcomers and keeping the relaxed and welcoming atmosphere for all our users by allowing interesting and thought-provoking discussion.

We reserve the right to ban any user who violates our guidelines or disrupts our community. While we will try and offer fair warning, this may not always be possible. We reserve the right to remove or censor ANY post at our discretion.There is a lot that we can do to help this — keeping the track, wheels and power wipers clean and of course having good well-laid track are vital. There are also ways that model manufacturers can help to make smooth running easier.

If the motor has a flywheel it can provide momentum for temporary blips in power and having pick-ups on as many wheels as possible helps a lot, as does the quality of the pick-ups some have a habit of not staying in place as they should. When track gets a little dirty it is prone to stalling at points. Although there is nothing new in the technology; it has started to become a common feature on DCC chips.

The first comment to make is that the extra capacitor needs more space. The second thing I found was unimpressive build quality of the decoder a chip. No better than a Hornby chip! So some soldering was needed to re-fix the cables straight away. On the subject of soldering; you will need to solder the capacitor into place; which is my third comment — so much for plug and play!

The next stage was testing the decoder to see how well it works — and it was not nearly as exciting as I hoped. But it was not quite the hoped for miracle-cure.

There was still an occasional temporary stall; although interestingly the model did not need to be touched to start moving again.

zen stay alive

I did double check all the connections but was unable to find a cause. I also found that it did not work when reversing the model another nail in the coffin of improving shunters! So overall; what is the verdict? In terms of performance the stay alive capacitor is reasonable and I could imagine if you had a large layout it could helpful as it gives you a little more time between cleaning track.

10 Tips to Staying Calm and Zen

It is not a cure for this though only a delay of the inevitable need to clean the track. Finally a message to model manufacturers — this does NOT mean you should have stop producing all-wheel pick-ups! Not at all! Good quality all wheel-pick-ups; clean and well-laid track are still far more critical! Share this: Facebook Twitter Email Pinterest.In fact, once charged, they have enough power to run an average OO or HO Locomotive more than two metres with the track power removed!

Despite their excellent power storage ability, the new ZNSSA stay alive is very good value… and slightly smaller than competitive products. Installation is easy — Just match the blue and black wires to the blue and black stay-alive wires already attached to your Zen decoder. Yes, all Zen Stay-Alive products will work well with any decoder brand that has stay-alive connections provided.

Please note however that while any Zen Stay-Alive will also work with many decoders which do not provide stay-alive connections ex-factory, soldering directly to the PCB of a decoder would be required and this needs excellent soldering skills. Please plan and work carefully if you intend to do so. Unfortunately, because any error will damage the decoder, we do not feel it appropriate that we advise you regarding direct soldering points on any decoder that does not advertise stay alive ability.

C Mint — Brand New. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. Products search. Description Additional information Reviews 0. PS: For those who like to know, the blue wire is the positive wire.

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Additionally, we want to encourage the sharing of skills and techniques, but we also recognise the need for those who share things of value to be able to manage how it happens Platelayer 14 posts grriff Platelayer 14 posts Share. I've just received a large capacity stay-alive with black and light blue leads. I want to wire it to to a Zen Black decoder with black, dark blue and white leads. The Zen Black instructions don't help since they show a Zen controller with three leads and a Zen stay alive with black and red leads.

The Zen stay alive has no instructions. I'm going to wire black to black and light blue to blue and hope for the best. Quote 1 1 0. That is a good decision. We al;ways color code consistently. The white wire is for another 3-wire Stay alive type to be released soon - or the existing ESU one regards Ahjay.

zen stay alive

Quote 0 0 0. That's a relief. It seems to be be working well. I've fitted it to an old Honrby Thomas - no sprung wheels and stopped on Peco Setrack points. Judders a bit now but much better. Insert Cancel. Failed filename Unsupported photo file type. Please upload the file as a post attachment instead. Link to post Share on other sites. Create Account. Log In. Forgot your password? Enter your video clip URL below:. Insert URL Cancel. Please paste your code into the box below:.

OK Cancel.Read this issue! Full disclosure: I am the inventor of the Decoder Buddy and I sell it via the link above. What does it do? What does it look like compared to a regular diode? How to properly connect it in the circuit, using what markings etc. And most important, why not give a example part number like you do with the super caps?

If I was I'm not though a beginner in electronics that lack of information makes the article near useless as a stand alone article this info might be covered in the YouTube videos linked, but I believe you shouldn't rely on such critical info to a external source that is not under your control.

A regular diode blocks current flow in one direction, but a Zener diode above a certain voltage will also conduct the other direction too. In effect, the Zener diode acts as a pressure valve for the capacitors, protecting them from over voltage. If the capacitor charging voltage is too high then the Zener Diode will start conducting clamping the voltage down to its rated voltage.

The extra voltage will be dissipated as heat across R1. As for the specific part number, just search for 13V 1.

The specific part is not critical as long as it meets the specs and the part isn't too large or costly. As for looks, it varies. Sometimes the diode case is transparent glass, other times it's black plastic. Axial diodes look as you would expect, and SMD ones look like little black squares with metal tabs on the ends. The negative end cathode typically has a band on the case marking it.

If you want to get some idea of how the 5-F version will perform, the zen stay alive demo uses a similar circuit, and the video really helps you see what it will do for you because they put tape on the rails all over the place.

Check out the Zen stay alive demo, That's what the 5-F one will do. It's impressive:. The schematic for the "Build your own stay alive" article shows the 1. That would produce an equivalent capacitor ofuF. The schematic for the "Build your own stay alive" article shows the 2.

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