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My plan was to drive to Colorado, I was meeting family in Telluride to celebrate the holidays. I decided to turn this trip into a full on tire review, testing the tire from the desert Southwest, up into the high rocky mountains. Coming from an aggressive mud terrain tire, the difference was amazing. Driving on the highway was a completely different sensation, my FJ just felt planted.

Not once did I have any feeling of my vehicle wandering across the lanes or grabbing the ruts in the road. Before, on my mud terrain tires, I would have to constantly steer the vehicle to keep it from wandering off the side of the road. With the Geolandars, I would let off the gas and my FJ would just keep rolling down the highway.

Before I mounted the Geolandars, I would let off the gas and I would immediately feel a deceleration. This proved to help my gas mileage. My first stop was the Mojave Desert, a classic southwest terrain that mostly consists of soft sand and hard pack dirt roads. While driving down an empty desert road, I decided to test the tire. I swerved from side to side, slammed on the brakes, and floored the accelerator pedal.

The FJ definitely slid around a bit, but I never felt like I was out of control. The tires just grabbed the dirt roads. After a cold night camping, I packed up and hit the road. About miles of highway lay in front of me, I was excited to have my first big road day on the Geolandars. After a few hours of driving, I pulled over to fuel up.

Normally after a few hours of driving, I would be slightly tired because of the constant small steering corrections. I hopped back in and drove on, pushing to make it to Prescott before dark. It was time to find a campsite. I found a small dirt road just north of town, aired down my tires, and went in search of a spot to set up camp. Climbing a pothole filled road would normally a bone jolting experience, not so much with the Geolandar ATs.

Aired down it felt like I was driving on a pillow, just gliding over anything the road could throw at them. Camp was set up, the fire was lit, and I was ready to sit back and relax. I feel like one of the biggest challenges for anyone exploring is finding a good campsite, most of the time I just pick a dirt road and drive until I find a spot I like.Try it free for 14 days.

View Full Image. Truck Trend Magazine how to. When conditions deteriorate or the paved road ends the proper tires can make all the difference in both performance and safety.

Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015 All Terrain Tires On Road Review

The previous set of mud-terrain tires were on their last legs and would prove to be a worthy competitor for a real world comparison. With the tires mounted up we took to the streets and were immediately shocked with how smooth and quiet they rode. It seemed as though the vehicle was floating on a quiet cloud compared to the old mud-terrains. This makes for a drastic increase in driver and passenger comfort and exaggerates the desire for an all-terrain tire for distance or daily driving duties.

The end product is a very long-lasting street performer. So what did we think when the road conditions deteriorated? We are very happy to report back excellent traction in these conditions with confidence inspiring grip thanks in part to the circumferential grooves in the tread that expel water to prevent hydroplaning. Though we did not have the chance to test the tires in snow conditions, Yokohama provides unique Edgtec grooves that create more biting edges for traction in the snow.

Off-road performance was quite surprising as well, thanks to Triple 3D sipes that maintain biting edges as the tires wear out. With that tall order, the Geolandar Gs proved to be a very solid performer and kept the vehicle moving up the trail or through the desert with gusto. Compared side-to-side with the previous mud-terrain tires, these did feel a bit skittish in sandy conditions, but that is expected with a less aggressive tread pattern.

This was not an issue though, as we were able to maintain forward momentum with ease, even from a dead stop in the soft stuff. The road manners are impeccable and the off-road capabilities are surprisingly good. Sources Discount Tire. More Photos View Slideshow. By Scott Thompson. Follow Truck Trend Network Facebook. Truck Trend Newsletter Sign Up. Email: Required. Zip Code:. Yes — I prefer to receive offers and promotions from Trucktrend Network. Yes — I prefer to receive occasional updates with special offers from carefully selected third party partners of Trucktrend Network.

yokohama geolandar a t g015 vs falken wildpeak at3w

By subscribing you agree to the terms and conditions of our terms of use.Yokohama is using what they call an Enduro compound made with Orange oil and other polymers for long life. Traction has been stellar in dry conditions.

No slippage on dusty and dirty roads, no issues with panic stops and dealing with Maryland traffic. With four circumferential grooves, 3 dimensional siping, and Edgetec grooves water is pushed out from the trad area efficiently and effortlessly. I have gone out of my way to hit standing water and not once has the tire hydroplaned or yanked the steering wheel.

If you went fast enough and hit enough water it will eventually overwhelm the tires. For anything you normally see on a paved road these work safely and predictably. With less than half an ounce per tire to balance them you know, you will have a comfortable easy ride with excellent wear. They have a couple other features built in that should aid their longevity and also help when we take these off-road. There are some pretty robust sidewall protectors molded in, more often found on a mud tire these are going to help with traction off-road but also when you bash that curb at the mall.

Yokohama also added a full nylon cap under the tread. This will help ward off punctures in the tread area. There is nothing worse than fitting tires and picking up a nail in the first few days. Having it fully under the entire tread area is the real bonus. I wish everything I did was this easy to make her happier. William brings a wide range of experience to this role.

He also wields a freely shared More by William Connor. Nice review William. It is a summer only vehicle that will see light wheeling, but mostly on road. Yokohama is currently having a by 3 get one free deal one these tires, so I guess now is the time. Glad to hear that your wife likes them! My wife is a driving force behind the new tires….

Thank you for this wonderfully concise and comprehensive review. Was dithering on whether to get these for my Land Rover. I am surely more convinced now. Bought six of these for my ram dually, had the yoko highway tire before and ordered a new set, the AT came and i liked the agressive look, all of your comments were my queries also, now answered, thanx.

Thanks for the comment! Glad I was able to answer your questions. We strive to provide information; we would want to know about everything we review. The Continental tire is a 10 ply that is too stiff for anything under a full size truck.Remember Me? Site Navigation. You won't need any trimming and probably won't even have to do anything to the liners. Mine are currently set at 38psi, should I adjust?

I personally run all around. Just passed over 10k miles and no noticeable wear yet Originally Posted by JeffMerr. I'm curious about any rubbing that may occur whether that be body mount or UCA's, etc. I think it turned out great though! Attached Images. Last edited by Johns06yota; at PM.

Tire Review: Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015

I've been doing some heavy tire research and I'm thinking these are the way to go, but just want some input to make sure they'd work.

Lift is on the way. The setup will be as follows: Wheelers T1 Front with 's set to. Will I run into any issues with the stock rims? Obviously trimming will be needed as well as BMC.

yokohama geolandar a t g015 vs falken wildpeak at3w

Originally Posted by Scaiza. Originally Posted by Terminator Wheel offset seems to be the biggest factor in whether the tires rub. With stock rims though, you should be ok. Only come in LT E rated for the size I wanted, but their performance in rain, snow, regular and offroad driving has just been great.Discussion in ' The Guru's Pub ' started by kanejAug 20, Log in or Sign up.

Yokohama or Falken Tyres? Soon I'll be changing my car tyres. Currently I've got Dunlops but they are very rough and noisy.

Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015 Review

I want a smooth and quiet ride, no noisy road tyres. Pirelli, Michelin or Continental tyres would be great only they are extremely expensive, at least in Dubai that is. Both Yokohama and Falken are Japanese so I'm willing to get either, prices are far cheaper than the above.

Which of the two would you recommend and offer a smoother ride? Open to suggestions of other brands but not interested in cheap Chinese, Korean or Indonesian branded tyres Thanks gurus. What are they for and what size? I'm not a big fan of either falkens tend to wear quick and yoko's tend to be noisy on the cheaper tires.

On a passenger car I'm a big fan of Kumho Solus tires. Loophole35Aug 20, This is kind of a vague question. Both brands have tons of different quality levels and tread types.

Some tread types will create a lot of road noise on certain road conditions. I'm not sure about the desert, so someone who lives there will have to chime in.

yokohama geolandar a t g015 vs falken wildpeak at3w

IcEAug 20, HeavyHemiAug 20, Okay so flag 1, you have to get low profile tires. This means that the tire has lower dampening properties. When's the last time you had your rims balanced and alignment done? And what PSI do you run in your tire?It was a week before the 50th Annual Easter Jeep Safari and the town was already filling up with early arrivals. The rigs shod with this new shoe were Jeep Wrangler Sport models without lockers in two- and four-door configurations.

The test rigs had all received a modest lift of between 1 and 2 inches to accommodate the inch Yokohama Geolandars. Rated at a 4 on a 10 scale, Fins and Things gave us a nice mixture of sand and slick rock, steep climbs, and abrupt drop-offs. Sorry—no mud this time. The all-terrain tire is engineered for durability and vastly improves traction over most OE tires on any surface in any weather condition, including rain and snow. It would be an excellent choice for your Wrangler, Grand, Commander, or Liberty if used as a daily driver and for dry off-road terrain trails.

This is a tire with an all-terrain tread design that may clog up with mud but was right at home and showed good traction capabilities on sand, rocky terrain, and slick-rock sandstone surfaces. Yokohama engineers have designed tires for highway driving, winter driving, and off-road competitions such as the Baja It was designed to accomplish the optimum balance of on- and off-road traction duties in dry, wet, and winter conditions, as well as long mileage and a comfortable ride.

This combination of extended mileage and comfortable ride is accomplished with sidewall plies and carcass construction that vary in size to optimize the intended use of the tires. Some sizes feature two-ply construction with either nylon reinforcement or extra-thick sidewall plies while other sizes feature three-ply construction.

In addition to the redesigned sidewalls and carcass construction, the tread design features EdgeTec grooves and adaptive 3D sipes to create extra grip in wet and winter conditions, and an open block design to make it better for off-road use. However, it is the synergy of the tread elements, carcass construction, and—more importantly—the new Enduro compound with orange oil and silica that enable the tire to perform at a high level in most on- and off-road situations.

The tooth-like shoulder-edge tread blocks help give the new Yokohama Geolandar G tires a fighting chance when it comes to traction in the dirt.

Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015 All Terrain Tires On Road Review

These shoulder lugs can grab a bite of the terrain and help propel your vehicle forward. Forums Photos Videos Industry Videos. MM Morrison Photographer, Writer.

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yokohama geolandar a t g015 vs falken wildpeak at3w

Russia- Land-Cruiser. Calendar New events. Log in Register. Search titles only. Word Count:. New posts. Search forums. Log in. Change style. Contact us. Close Menu. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter speyrod Start date Jul 30, They have some good review on Tire Rack.

Joined Oct 4, Messages Location Virginia. Had the Hankooks on my Frontier Pro 4x. Great tires and can be had at a great price. The last 3 sets of truck tires I've bought have been the Wildpeaks though. Both great tires, but I prefer the look and performance of the Wildpeaks and the price is usually comparable, both a lot less than the overrated KO2s.

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