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Netflix has become quite the hub for tv shows and movies from around the world and you can now easily find amazing shows to stream. But which one to choose, right? These shows are much more than simple love stories. Most of them have a unique and really entertaining story usually inspired by fantasy, sci-fi, and comic books and even myths and legends of the Korean culture. You also get great actors and stunning visuals to make the experience even better. You can, of course, find romantic Korean comedy-dramas with cute guys too.

K pop, K beauty, and K dramas really took over the world in the past few years and for a good reason. Especially in recent years, we had the pleasure to watch some of the best romantic Korean dramas since both and had thrilling, fun, and one of a kind show releases. He meets a somber lady, who has been through quite a lot. Tae Gong-Shil had a terrible accident, because of which she sees ghosts.

Korean Movie 2019 with English Subtitle (Romance/Comedy)

For an unknown reason, the ghosts haunting her disappear when she touches Joong-Won. After a little persuasion, he agrees to her staying on one condition; she has to help him retrieve some money stolen from him. This Korean action fantasy romance show is going to take you on an amazing journey to Spain. Investment firm CEO sets out to find a game developer, who has come up with a pioneering AR game featuring a medieval battle of Alhambra. As Yoo Jin-Woo arrives at Granada, he has to realize the game inventor is nowhere to find.

What is real and what is just part of the game? During his search for the creator, he also finds love with Jung Hee-joo. She has always been honest, hard-working and did her best for the company she worked at.

But instead of receiving employee of the year awards, living in her house comfortably with her loving boyfriend, she loses it all. In a short period of time, everything that meant life to her is lost.

To start over, she moves to Jeju Island, where Jung-Joo meets the waggish chef and restaurant owner of Warm and Cozy, Baek Gun-Woo, who brings new colors into her life. Just as the title suggests, this is one of the best Korean romantic comedy dramas you can get charmed by in front of Netflix. When you do not need anything else, but a heart-soothing few hours to relax with, On Spring night, is the best romantic K-drama you can pick.

best korean movies romantic comedy

The simple, yet enchanting story of Lee Jung-In, a librarian meeting her one is just adorable. She stumbles upon a friendly, compassionate pharmacist, Yoo Ji-Ho, a single father, whom after their first meeting she just cannot get of her head.

The 27 Best Romantic Korean Dramas to Watch on Netflix | 2020

Despite the fact that she is in a four-year relationship with banker Kwon Gi-Seok, who also happens to be an ex-school mate of Ji-Ho from the university. As Jung-In develops feelings towards Ji-Ho, she begins to question the future of her current relationship.

From that on, nothing goes down the easy way. There, she stumbles upon Ri Jung Hyuk, who is a North Korean army officer who decides to risk everything and try to hide her.

If you are in the need of a good ghost romance, then Bring it on Ghost will be one scary and hilarious ride at the same time. College boy Park Bong-Pal was born with the ability to see and touch ghosts.

However, when he is struggling to find a part-time job to support himself, he comes up with the idea to start a career as an exorcist.

One case takes him to a schoolgirl, who has been stuck for over five years after a traffic accident. This girl seems to be a good match for our hero but it turns out she is much more than just a case. Lee Kang once met Moon Cha Young at a small restaurant in the seaside town where Lee Kang cooked and gave her a meal, which in part inspired her to become a world-famous chef. Many years later, the two meet again at a hospice ward and together they heal their own emotional scars by preparing meals for the patients there.There are a lot of Korean Drama to watch.

I have given many Korean Drama Lists before. Feel free to check out those drama lists. A Chaebol who meets a girl who lives in the mountain top. He gets to know about her daily life and eventually fall in love with her. I am sure Most of the Kdrama lovers would have watched this drama. If not today is the day you watch this drama. It is a web drama so it will not take much time to watch. I recommended this drama because this drama is short but sweet romcom drama but still finds it new every time I watch this drama.

I am sure everyone will like this drama. It is a must watch Korean Web Drama. Four friends live in the rental house close to each other and each have their own dreams and goals.

How are they going to achieve and how they fall in love with each other. Fight for my way is the recently released drama but the drama is quite popular. Here Park Seo Joon has done a good job playing as a lead and quite funny.

The story starts with funny scenes and then quite sentimental and later became action. So you can expect a variety of genre in a single drama. When are you going to watach this drma? How about this week end? Park Shin Hye who impersonated as a man and entered into a popular band in the name of her brother to save her brothers career.

Now she got to live with other three male members. How is she going to withstand in the dorm where everyothers are men. Many new Korean Drama lovers would watch this for sure. As this drama is highly recommended drama. I will recommend this drama since the drama itself is quite funny and the music in the drama is quite good too. It is highly recomeded drama.

From that day her life is completely changed. She is working as a bodyguard for him.Gil Oh-sol, an employee at a cleaning company, meets Jang Seon-gyul, the boss of the company. The two are opposites when it comes to cleanliness.

After getting involved in a scandal, a once-top actress Yoo In-na prepares for a comeback role by becoming a secretary for a workaholic lawyer Lee Dong-Wook. At first, the two had a hard time getting along but once they learned about each other in time they became inseparable. Yoo Baek is a former idol group member. He is now a popular singer and actor. He is self-centered and he is brutally honest to others even if it hurts them. He makes big trouble for himself and travels to a faraway island to get away.

There, he meets friendly people on the island including Oh Kang Soon. Set in an alternate universe, in which Korea is a constitutional monarchy inOh Sunny is a bright and cheerful musical actress who marries the emperor.

She becomes involved in the palace power struggle and a mysterious murder that sets off events that threaten the monarchy while searching for true love and happiness. Cha Eun Ho is a successful editor of a publishing company when he was a child he was saved in a car accident by Kang Dan-i.

Their lives intertwine again after Kang Dan-i applies for a job at the publishing company and they begin to develop romantic feelings for each other. A man works for a big company although his dream is to run a chicken restaurant.

A woman who lives at a bathhouse that her late grandfather left behind, only leaves her home when she absolutely has to. She wants to become a webtoon writer. These two meet and grow with each other. Which of the above dramas have you watched? What are your highlights from those dramas? Would you recommend to a friend? WellI loved Clean with Passionjust finished Romance is a bonus book yesterdaywaiting for Wednesday for touch your heart????


Hey Priyasha thanks for responding. Share this:. Share Your Opinions Please Cancel reply.Here is my list of 5 Rom-Com fantasy Korean dramas. All of these dramas made me a Kdrama Crazy and I guarantee these are exactly the dramas you are looking for.

The Gumiho loves the lives of humans. Her only dream is to become a human herself. Through this process they both falls in love without knowing that one of them will die in days. Comic elements are good in the drama.

There are times when you will laugh a lot in the drama, but not enough to keep you rolling on the floor. The drama is very romantic, with couple moments so sweet and lovely that you would have butterflies in your stomach. Also the drama will take you to the emotional roller coaster, just like every Kdrama does.

If you are looking for too much fantasy then this is not the drama. The fun part is Han Joo-ri. Her character will make you laugh a lot. The love story of both Han Ye-ri and Yoo Eun-ho is so cute and lovely.

Yoo Eun-ho even helps Han Ye-ri in her problem related to double personality. They live inside an old house where they have their own famous restaurant. Kang Cho-hong loses her power after she broke her heart by loving a human. Then she meets a bad witch in order to find a solution to regain her power. The bad witch tells her to find a man who will never leave her and love her for entire life.

After kissing that man she will get her powers back. Although the drama is about witches, I was a little disappointed to see less magic and less playing with the laws of physics. Still the drama has many fantasy parts. It depends upon who is watching. This drama is sure to make you laugh. There are many cute couple moments in the drama, their love story progresses through out the drama and you will really get attached to them. They are just so lovely.

Kim Bung-do supports the reinstatement of Queen In-hyun, who was deposed due to scheming by royal concubine Lady Jang.

best korean movies romantic comedy

Due to a mysterious talisman, Kim Bung-do time travels towhere he crosses paths with Choi Hee-jin and falls in love. As the drama involves time travel, it has perfect blend of fantasy with it. The cute elements in the drama where Choi Hee-jin takes advantage of Kim Bung-do to kiss him again and again as he know nothing about the modern word is sure to make you laugh.Ah, romantic comedies.

They can get a bad rep for being cheesy and a little bit predictable, but for many of us, their the movies we turn to when we need a little comfort—or just to feel good. Netflix's newest rom-com Falling Inn Love has swept viewers off their feet with a love story starring newcomer Adam Demos and Christina Milian as an overworked designer who moves across the world to discover herself—and true love in the process. Release date : August 29 Starring: Christina Milian, Adam Demos In this cheesy yet delightful rom-com, Milian who you might recognize from songs like "Dip It Low" or previous romantic comedies like Love Don't Cost a Thing plays Gabriela, a stressed out businesswoman who gives it all up to move to a charming small town after she wins a "Win an Inn" contest.

The catch? The inn is all the way in New Zealand. It's there that she meets Jake Demosa contractor who just so happens to be available to help fix her inn—and her heart. The plot is admittedly predictable, but there's no denying there is something uniquely charming about Netflix's original film.

This teen story will make you pine for your high school days. In The Last Summercollege-bound friends celebrate their final months together after high school, determining what their friendships—and love lives—will shape up to be in the future. It has all the rom-com hijinks you'd expect. PEN15 's Erskine plays Alice, a something-year-old wedding-goer who turns to her closest pal Ben Quaid for her plus-one to 10 summer nuptials. At first, they agree to platonically be each others' wing-person, but by the middle of the film—you guessed it—they start to develop feelings for each other.

Based on Nicola Yoon's book of the same namethis touching story follows Natasha Shahidia college-bound something who ends up meeting Daniel Melton during a chance encounter in N. While she has other priorities—like making sure her family doesn't get deported to Jamaica—he ends up consuming quite a bit of her time. If you enjoy fictional characters that spend the bulk of the film cracking the code to a mystery, this one's for you. Under the Silver Lake follows Sam Garfielda something-year-old man who abruptly meets Sarah Keough and ends up uncovering well-hidden secrets of Los Angeles after her disappearance.

Starring: Taraji P. In this gender-swap remake, Henson takes on the role of Ali, a sports agent whose contributions are overlooked in favor of her male counterparts. But after Ali sips a cup of experimental teashe develops the ability to hear the innermost thoughts of her male coworkers. Expect her to use her newfound gift on the fast-track up the sports ladder.

Wilson stars as cynical New York City architect name Natalie. Natalie hates everything about rom-coms. But, ironically after suffering from a head injury, she wakes up as the leading lady in her very own personal romance story.First half are pure Romantic comedies Check out My other lists : 1. Best Korean Movies I 2. Junko, a Japanese of Korean ancestry, comes to Korea and finds lodging at a guest house. But the room that she is supposed to stay in belongs to the owner's son, Jong-man.

On her first Votes: Not Rated min Comedy, Drama, Romance. A girl who thinks she is a combat cyborg checks into a mental hospital, where she encounters other psychotics. Eventually, she falls for a man who thinks he can steal people's souls. Votes: 22, PG min Comedy, Romance. Reserved 25 year old Na Young-ju has to attend an English course but she would be much more interested in getting a boyfriend. Votes: 1, A young man sees a drunk, cute woman standing too close to the tracks at a metro station in Seoul and pulls her back.

List of 2016 Korean Language Romantic Comedy Films

She ends up getting him into trouble repeatedly after that, starting on the train. Votes: 43, At a South Korean university most students are busy having a good time. He likes a much younger, pretty girl but she likes someone else. Votes: 5, Not Rated min Comedy, Romance. On a rainy night, Eun-Yi walks home and finds a large blue box on front of her home. When she looks inside of the box she's shocked again to see the named In-Ho, sitting in the box.

A struggling for love, Baseball players discovers he has terminal illness and meets a girl who has had a crush on him since times immemorial. The twists and turns of events bring them together. Mi-na is a high school student living alone with her mother, dreams of having the perfect boyfriend. But can any man hope to live up to her image of the ideal partner? Votes: 2, Not Rated min Comedy, Drama, Music. A talented but obese girl, who ghost-sings for a not-so-talented pop star, undergoes extensive plastic surgery to become a slender beauty with a new identity.

Votes: 6, A teenage girl tries to continue her normal social and school life, after her grandfather forces her into an arranged marriage with a man in his twenties.

Not Rated min Drama, Romance. Two girls confused between love and friendship leave their mutal friend Ji-Hwan unexpectedly. Years later, Ji-Hwan departs on a long journey to find his old friends as he confronts a Jobless, single and in her early thirties, Hee-soo is miserable.South Korean movies are really good to watch.

I am also a big fan of Korean movies especially action movies. Here, I am going to mention the list of Korean language romantic comedy films.

This list is completely in view of my feeling, so no offense, please. I trust this rundown will tempt you to watch a few.

Your remarks or criticism are generally welcome! The Handmaiden is an erotic romantic mystery thriller movie directed by Park Chan-wook and based on the novel Fingersmith by Sarah Waters.

This movie is always included in the list of Korean language romantic comedy films. Watch the trailer: The Handmaiden. This movie is amazing to watch. While watching this movie, you will definitely blush, chuckle, cry and stun. A Man and a Woman is worth your time.

If you still have any doubt, then watch the trailer first and after that the whole movie. Watch the trailer: A Man and a Woman. Time Renegades is a south Korean thriller romantic movie directed by Kwak Jae-yong. I recommend the movie if you are up for a supernatural and time defying romance. This movie revolved around the romantic tale of Beom-sil and Soo-ok.

But the pure Soo-ok knew nothing about love. Until, Beom-sil found out that Soo-ok had been secretly seeing the doctor from the city. The story continued from that point.

best korean movies romantic comedy

Be prepared if you have decided to watch this movie. Bring some tissue box, ice creams, and a buddy to cry with. Love, Lies is a romantic drama movie directed by Park Heung-sik. The story happens induring the Imperial Japanese occupation of Korea.

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